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Stephan Eriksson studied aviation law at Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where he has also been appointed adjunct professor and still lectures. He is mentioned in Who’s Who Legal as one of the World’s most prominent aviation lawyers   

He is also mentioned in Getting The Deal Through Airtransport, and International Comparative legal Guide Aviation Law


Stephan Eriksson has great experience of international claims handling of air disasters where he has represented families in  Air France Concorde, Flight AF 4590, 2000; Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK 686, 2000; DHL/Bashkirian Airlines 2002; Flash Air flight 604, 2004; Helios Airways, Flight 522, 2005 och Kenya Airways, flight 507, 2007. He represented families  in Air France flight 447 and the families in Air India Express flight IX812 2010. He is currently representing the families in Bhoja Air flight 213, 2012 and the families in Norwegian Airforce accident with Lockheed C -130J-30 Hercules, Kebnekaise March 15, 2012. Lately he has shifted his aviation practice more towards commercial aviation law, where, for example, he represents airlines, helicopter operators, air maintenance facilities, airbrokers,  travel agencies and tour operators.



Together with Pan European Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL) and McGill University he arranges one of the World’s foremost seminar in avation liability and insurance law. He is an appreciated speaker at various air law conferences.