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About us

Law Firm of the Future

We are experienced, senior lawyers who adopted a new model. We offer qualified business law consulting in many fields yet our costs are low, our fees flexible and our fee models relevant to the case.


We have invested in the latest technology instead of expensive offices; and use modern labour models instead of a large organisation. However, we are completely traditional when it comes to providing our clients with qualitative and dependable legal support.

Our model enables us to offer small and medium-size businesses, the same qualified counsel as the large businesses demand, at a cost that suits to the smaller companies’ perception of relevant prices. We are fully transparent when it comes to fees and our clients fully control the cost of an attorney. Of course, bigger companies may also benefit from our offering. 


Our team of associates are merited within their fields and together form a broad knowledge base. They have built their experience at the largest law firms in the country or at smaller socialist firms. Our careful recruitment ensures Excello’s associates live up to high-quality demands that encompass not only legal competence but includes business sense and sensibility as well. As an Excello client, you can, therefore, expect more of what you need and less of what adds nothing to your case - both from your associate and from your law firm. 


In short, you get more law for the money..